Werfen ACL Top 500

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The Werfen ACLTOP500 is an automated coagulation analyzer used for moderate throughput measurement of standard coagulation indices using specific instrument-related reagents. Plasma samples collected in sodium citrate blood tubes are received and are ready for immediate analysis with resulting performed automatically by the instrument via the bi-directional host query LIS interface. Standard coagulation testing is performed by way of automated pipetting of sample and reagent. Reagents are maintained in temperature compartments while samples are introduced by way of either closed tube or open tube racks specifically designed for the analyzer. Sample and reagent are added to cuvettes placed onboard and are moved by the system to the incubator area as needed and finally to the spectrophotometer for end point measurement.

Manufacturer: Werfen
Serial #: 15033104
Year installed: 12/2021 or 10/2021

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