Siemens Hematek 3000 Slide Stainer

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The Hematek 3000 slide stainer is a fully automated, bench-top hematology system for in vitro diagnostic use in the clinical laboratory. The system accepts, conveys, fixes, stains, and delivers dry blood or bone marrow smear preparations that are spread on standard thickness 25mm x 75mm glass slides. The glass slides are stained at the rate of one glass slide per minute. The Hematek 3000 slide stainer uses two conveyor spirals to move the glass slides along the platen. Three sensing switches are triggered sequentially as the glass slides move along the platen. Each sensing switch activates its respective pump, which delivers the stain, buffer, or rinse into the capillary space between the glass slide and the platen. After the staining and rinsing processes have been completed, the glass slide is dried by a flow of air from a low velocity blower, and it is then deposited in a slide drawer.

Manufacturer: Siemens
Serial #: 414644
Year installed: 11/2021

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