SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated October 12, 2023

The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer with SeqStudio Data Collection Software is a fluorescent dye-labeled genetic analysis system using capillary electrophoresis technology. It enables both sequencing and fragment analysis applications without the need to switch polymer type or capillary array length. The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer automatically performs an optical alignment each time a cartridge is inserted and performs an automatic spectral calibration adjustment for each sample to correct for spectral overlap. The instrument is compatible with 96-well Standard plates and 8-strip Standard tubes. It is a stand-alone instrument and runs directly from the touchscreen with SeqStudio Data Collection Software and does not require a computer.

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems
Serial #: 232002086
Year installed: N/A

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