Scientific Industries Vortex Genie

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 29, 2023

Product Details: VORTEX-GENIE® mixers are the “Gold Standard” for laboratory mixers. The 3-inch Platform accepts single or multiple test tubes, beakers and various flasks. The removable cover, made of thermoplastic rubber, is highly impervious to chemicals. It is, however, recommended that spills are blotted quickly. Do not attempt to use the 3-inch Platform without the rubber cover. The Pop-off Cup can accommodate tubes of virtually any size or shape from micro tubes to those up to 40mm in diameter and 200mm in length. In most instances, tubes without caps may be mixed with proper speed control. Tubes must be capped when potential aerosols may be hazardous.

Manufacturer: Scientific Industries
Serial #(s): 2467541 2467504 2467623, 2466032 2467551 2467068 2467057 2464952 2467042 2466053 2465449 2463584 2465403 2467552 2467550 2464732 2449145

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