MDS Sciex 4000 Q TRAP (LC-MS-MS)

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The 4000 QTRAP® system includes a hybrid triple quadrupole LIT (linear ion trap) mass spectrometer designed specifically for quantitative and qualitative applications. The Q3 region can be operated as either a standard quadrupole mass spectrometer, or as a linear ion trap mass spectrometer. The unique scan modes of both configurations can be linked to provide more and higher quality data than either technique alone.
This application involves measurement of specific molecular weight compounds (usually a drug or metabolite in urine or other bodily fluid) and their resulting fragment ions for determining the exact quantity of the compound in the sample of interest. Quantitation is performed using a standard curve of mass spectrometer signal intensity for various known concentrations of the compound. The signal in the test sample is compared to the standard curve to determine the concentration. The typical scan type used for this application in the 4000 QTRAP system (as well as all triple quadrupole instruments) is MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring).

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems
Serial #: U17600611
Year Installed: 04/2017

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