J.P. Gilbert Co. Hemaprep

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The Hemaprep is a mechanical device designed to emulate the standard method of preparing peripheral blood films by the wedge technique. This instrument has been designed both for stationary and portable use. As a stationary instrument it is valuable for preparations both in the lab and at satellite locations; its portability makes it extremely valuable for the preparation of specimens at the patient’s bedside. Because it is lever operated, it does not require an external power source or battery. During the cycle of operation, glass spreader blades are brought mechanically into contact with the drop of blood; the instrument pauses to allow the blood to wet the spreaders, and then the spreaders pull the blood gently along the slide at a predetermined angle and preselected speed. The speed control, which is achieved by an air-operated piston, dispenses the blood in the standard wedge configuration.

Manufacturer: J.P. Gilbert Co
Serial #: 5197
Year installed: 09/2021

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