Biotage Pressure+ 48

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The Biotage PRESSURE+ 48 is a positive pressure manifold system designed to process solid phase chromatography columns using a pressurized gas source. The PRESSURE+48 operates using compressed gas both to seal the columns and displace liquid. Whether compressed air or nitrogen is used, or cylinders of purified air or nitrogen, the gas should be free of moisture, particulates, and hydrocarbons. There are a variety of filters available for the removal of moisture, particulates, and hydrocarbons most commonly found within house gas supply systems. The optimum gas supply is achieved by a regulator positioned between the gas source and the unit. The supplied gas supply installation kit provides the parts necessary to make the connection between the gas regulator and the unit.

Manufacturer: Biotage
Serial #: P48A202306
Year installed: 08/2022

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