BioMerieux BioFire – FilmArray Torch Base

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The BioFire FilmArray Torch is an automated in vitro diagnostic (IVD) device intended for use with FDA-cleared or approved IVD BioFire FilmArray Panels. The BioFire Torch is intended for use in combination with assay specific reagent pouches to detect multiple nucleic acid targets contained in clinical specimens. The BioFire Torch interacts with the reagent pouch to both purify nucleic acids and amplify targeted nucleic acid sequences using nested multiplex PCR (nmPCR) in a closed system. The resulting PCR products are evaluated using assay-specific DNA melting analysis. The BioFire Torch software automatically determines the results and provides a test report.

Manufacturer: BioMerieux
Serial #: TB03820
Year installed: 11/2021

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FilmArray Torch Base, FilmArray Torch Module