Arkray Aution Eleven AE-4022

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated September 30, 2023

The AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 Semi-Automated urinalysis system provides qualitative and semi-quantitative measurements for glucose, protein, bilirubin, urobilinogen, pH, blood, ketones, nitrites, leukocytes, specific gravity and color tone in urine specimens. The AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 technology provides fast results that can be used along with other diagnostic information to rule out certain disease states and to determine if microscopic analysis is needed. The system uses reflectance spectroscopy to obtain the concentration of a particular analyte in urine analysis. By reading the light reflected, the instrument measures the end product of the chemical reaction between the urine analyte and the reagent on the pad.

Manufacturer: Arkray
Serial #: 12202015
Year installed: 03/2022

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