3d Med (ANDiS) NSC

By Noah Clinical Laboratory | Updated October 2, 2023

The Automated Nucleic Acids Extraction System ANDiS 350 is composed of mechanical motion and magnetic components, a touch screen, heating and temperature control, a power supply, a control system etc. The working principle primarily involves magnetic bead adsorption technology where magnetic beads with nucleic acids adsorbed are automatically transferred from well to well, mixed thoroughly with different reagents by 8-strip rod comb for cell lysis, nucleic acids adsorption, wash, and elution to obtain high purity nucleic acids.

Manufacturer: 3D Med
Year Installed: 06/2020


ANDiS #1 07012006
ANDiS #5 7252006
ANDiS #6 8272008
ANDiS #12 8672008
ANDiS #16 8452008
ANDiS #18 8582008
ANDiS #20 08722009
ANDiS #25 05992006
ANDiS #27 A3502021110024
ANDiS #28 A3502021120060
ANDiS #29 A3502021120056


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